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Welcome to Tsutomu Inagaki's website

 I'm using Implicit Association Test (IAT) to examine implicit personality and attitudes.


Key words:

Implicit Association Test (IAT)

implicit self-concept

implicit self-esteem

implicit shyness

implicit anxiety

implicit theories of intelligence





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2007.3. Received B. A. degrees from Tokyo

              Gakugei University

2009.3. Received M. Ed. degrees from Tokyo

              Gakugei University

2009.4. Doctoral course (Gakushuin University)


2010.4. Assistant professor, Gakushuin

              University -2012.8.

2012.9. Associate professor, Sungshin Women's

              University, Korea.-2016.2

2016.4  Assistant Professor, Nagasaki University


2017.3  Lecturer, Kagoshima University

2021.4  Associate Professor, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies


2021.4.1 Carrer updated

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